The soprano who specializes in morphonutrition and the Physician Nutrition Specialist who specializes in songs are joined under the name of Dr Maria Missirlis!

galasantorini10The Physician and soprano Maria Missirlis, MD, was born in Brussels and was raised in Athens. At an early age she showed an exceptional voice timbre and singing abilities. In the following years, her love for music motivated her to start studies in piano, classical ballet and contemporary dance in order to develop the strong musical aptitude she had inherited from her father Tony Missirlis. Tony was a renowned composer and singer of the 70s, who gave up a promising career when he suddenly disappeared while being on a tour with Panos Gavalas in 1977, leaving little Maria fatherless. Maria tried to keep the memory of her father alive through the musical notes he had so much loved. The case of the missing father was even noticed by Angeliki Nikolouli, renowned TV presenter specializing in missing persons investigations, who devoted two of her TV-reality shows titled “Tunnel” to it, in which both Maria and her mother took part.

Maria returned to Greece later and being an excellent student , she followed her mother’s advice to study medicine , another passion of hers. She obtained a scholarship to study at the Faculty of Medicine, ULB, Brussels, from where she graduated specializing in General medicine and Nutrition. She opened and run her own private practice in Brussels for six years and also worked in various hospitals around Belgium while taking an active part in most cultural, musical, political and social activities of the Greek community in Brussels. Maria, her patients and friends have always embraced the Greek community of the eighteen thousand Greeks residing in Belgium.

galasantorini4Since 2009, Maria has been living in Greece where she works as a doctor and runs her private practice in Kolonaki , as a physician nutrition specialist. She is also the Scientific Director of Mediligna Hellas “ The Happy Diet” Ltd, a company that is glad to present “the happiness protocol” for the first time in Greece.

This diet protocol includes a 6-phase weight –loss plan through which you can lose 5 kgs of fat per week by consuming the Mediligna fantastic food . The diet plan has already been followed by celebrities both in Greece and abroad. It is a pioneering method for weight-loss based on the intake of sugar-free organic food which contain high-quality dehydrated proteins and vitamins, manufactured and packed in an impeccable way. This food is suitable for overweight people, kids, people affected by diabetes, athletes, pregnant women and for anyone wishing to follow a regular and balanced diet.

Mediligna food is available in 60 tasteful flavours in a wide range of drinks, puddings, soups, biscuits, cereal bars , wafers and omelettes available in the market and by specially trained pharmacists, as well. With the “happiness menu”, you can lose weight effortlessly, without going hungry, in an affordable way. The method is absolutely safe as it is combined with medical monitoring of the patient and the suggested Mediligna diet plan is prescribed by Maria Missirlis herself or by specially trained by her doctors around Greece and Cyprus.

Maria Misirlis is the Physician Nutrition Specialist of celebrities as several artists, TV presenters , business people and politicians already trust her for their diet, nutrition and fitness plans.

At the same time Maria continues her music career path by combining her love for medicine and passion for singing with commitment, hard work and a high sense of responsibility. As a crossover lyric soprano she appears in selected musical venues, in charity galas, piano bars, municipal concerts, fundraising events organized by the Athens Medical Association, congresses , information days and workshops organized by Mediligna Hellas Ltd where Maria performs as a solo artist or alongside some of her “happy patients”, that is artists who also follow her diet plans. Her repertoire , which serves the idea of freedom in music, ranges from Greek classical or ‘entekhno-laiko’ music composers to European pop, rock, jazz songs and musicals. She also sings arias taken from famous works of Gounod, Puccini, Dvorak and Schubert where Maria performs in her own special singing style .

Aiming at combining medicine and music and trying to express hidden parts of her delicate heart, she is always trying to convey her message of love for the fellow human being to her audience and express her altruistic motives in the hard moments that our society has been facing recently. As a result of her hard work , Maria’s childhood dream has almost come true.