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About Maria Missirli

The soprano who specializes in morphonutrition and the Physician Nutrition Specialist who specializes in songs are joined under the name of Dr Maria Missirlis!

maria missirli

The Physician and soprano Maria Missirlis, MD, was born in Brussels and was raised in Athens. At an early age she showed an  exceptional voice timbre and  singing  abilities. In the following years, her love for music motivated her to start studies in  piano, classical ballet and contemporary dance in order to develop the strong  musical aptitude  she had inherited from her father Tony Missirlis.  Tony  was a renowned   composer  and  singer of the 70s, who gave up a promising career when he suddenly disappeared while being on a tour with Panos Gavalas in 1977,  leaving  little  Maria fatherless. Maria tried to keep the memory of her father alive through the musical notes he had so much loved. Read more...

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